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Truth Is The Defense

These Are Not Merely Academic Questions ...

... Rather, they are the fundamental questions of law, sovereignty, and liberty that the founders answered with checks and balances, having been informed by the lessons of history. The Snowden affair does not present a matter of first impression. This is not the first tyrannical empire to impose contrived 'law' to suppress truth.
Granger's type of Tory sympathies were so familiar to the framers of many of our respective state constitutions that they expressly incorporated the lessons of the famous Zenger case, securing that inviolate juries shall judge both the law and the facts as protection against the suppressions and oppressions of those in power.

"It is natural, it is a privilege, I will go farther, it is a right, which all free men claim, that they are entitled to complain when they are hurt.  They have a right publicly to remonstrate against the abuses of power in the strongest terms, to put their neighbors upon their guard against the craft or open violence of men in authority, and to assert with courage the sense they have of the blessings of liberty, the value they put upon it, and their resolution at all hazards to preserve it as one of the greatest blessings heaven can bestow...."

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