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Interesting exchange on

Interesting exchange on Morning Joe's propaganda burst this morning. First Mika plays a clip of Greenwald on This Week with Steppy from yesterday. Then they spend an obligatory few minutes bashing Greenwald. Then they talk to a guest writer who wrote a piece about trying to live - for a day - off the surveillance grid (i.e. without cell phones, with all web activity via VPN etc...). WTF, BTW?

Then they all agree how silly it is to, assuming you're not a terrorist, to try to avoid NSA surveillance, with the conclusion that, if you want to avoid being tracked all you have to do is leave your cell phone at home. Hardee Har Har.

Then, CFR head Richard Haass chimes in with the "acceptable political thinking propaganda thought for the day", namely that he likes the back and forth between Rand and Christie on the NSA issue and that is where the debate should be.

WTF? Richard Haass suggesting that Rand is politically acceptable?

Perhaps it's just conspiracy thinking on my part but I can't help thinking Rand is being set up to be knocked down later.

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