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my point is this

the fed gov has not the right,authority,nor the power
to create laws that either go around the const,or the
will of the people who create the gov.
The fed gov cannot create any agency that has that power,as they didn't have it in the first place.
The fed gov cannot create laws(as they have no power nor authority to do so)
The fed gov cannot scream state secrets,as they aren't supposed to have
they also cannot break laws,then create laws to cover them up,as we have seen them do
the patriot act,ndaa ect ect are unconst,so they are null,void,have no teeth
and no standing within the confines of our const
what you seem to be claiming is that the fed gov is all powerful,all knowing
all seeing,and can create laws out of thin air,and just because they created them,they are lawful and legal
just because the patriot act created the NSA,does not make the NSA legal,as the patriot act is still illegal ( as it tries to nullify the const,and our rights)
if the fed gov had stayed within the confines of the const,then them
3-5 lettered agencies would not be created,laws would not be written that
go against us (the people)
there would be no patriot act,no expatriation act,there would be fisa courts ect ect
it is the fed gov who has broken the laws,they cannot claim any rights,as we didn't give them any,and by exposing their unlawful intentions.One cannot claim another should be arrested for treason or breaking the fed law

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence