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Comment: Here's my advice

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Here's my advice

1. What does the wife want to do? Do that. (even if it doesn't work out for the best, your relationship will survive shf much better (and she can't blame you).

2. Seek ways to get the loan reduced, grants, if the loans come from the state, see if the state can reduce them. If the loans come from the fed gov., see what they have. If the loans come from a private source federal credit union.. and see what you can about shifting the loan, out of where it is, reducing it, into another, just think FLOW.. cash flow..

3. You may not want to hear this, but you could have the loan reduced or eliminated by elisting as a reserve in the military, or a contractor.. two years/ four years they could absorb the debt.

4. Don't count your on your grandparents place..