Comment: Thank you for the info

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Thank you for the info

We don't agree here:

> Greenwald is GUILTY of talking to Snowden

That's not a crime.

> Before he accepted classified documents he had NO LEGAL BAISES to accept.

Neither is this. You don't need a legal basis to accept some documents offered to you.

Now I could be wrong, it's just when I was a kid, my Father's office was OFF LIMITS. It was locked, and only open when he was in it, though his door was closed.

One afternoon, my Mother was out and I had been invited by friends to go somewhere. I knocked on his door. He told me to "Enter". When I came in, I walked up to his desk, where he was sitting. I saw on his desk, Secret, Top Secret, marked envelopes and files. They amazed me, as that kind of stuff would amaze any kid.

As I asked him about having permission to go with friends, I touched one of the envelopes saying "TOP SECRET". With his fist, he slammed my hand right in place. It didn't hurt, but scared the HELL out of me. And he said, "FINGERS don't touch what is not theirs!” and he told me, "You don't have permission to touch these papers. Don't you ever touch anything on my desk. I will give you what I want you to have, and you can't have anything on my desk. You can't even touch it!” I was denied permission to leave the house, sent to my room and to this day, I don't touch. Matter of fact, I don't accept many gifts.

So if I was a journalist, and anyone offered me Secret documents, there is NO way I would accept them because I KNOW it is illegal.

Besides that, I have enjoyed conspiracy theory for decades. To me, it's entertainment, mind candy. Great conspiracy theory twists you up. For example, I was reading "The Illuminatus" by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. At one point, I KNEW the Eagle on the dollar bill held an olive branch, but the book had me wondering what I actually know, because it made such a great case that it was hemp in the eagle's claw. I had to pull out a dollar bill and look. That is great conspiracy theory. Conspiracy is collaboration, and while it is not illegal to talk, when the talk is about accepting classified documents that one is not cleared to receive, it is.

We can agree to disagree, but to me, that is a crime in the making.

How Snowden can support Ron Paul but not believe the constitution is worth saving by USING it, is beyond my ability to reason, and why this is becoming a conspiracy theory, a controlled demolition of constitutional government, by, of and for global government.

I don't agree that the US government is the global government. I believe the global central banking system is.