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I think

they're under the impression that they have already done it. They did a study with very reputible scientists and then published the results in a pier reviewed journal.

They went to that journal for a few reasons...but the most important being they wanted one that everyone could see online...and the needed to find one that wouldn't shy away from the content.

I'm in agreeance though....the more independent groups we can get to verify the results the better off we'll be.

I do think you're zoning in on the right area....explosive residue with a signature of thermite....this needs to be brought to everyone's attention and needs to be put to the front of the evidence line...maybe that would spark the interest for other groups to follow in their footsteps with more independent published studies.

The only other area of evidence that really convinces me is free fall acceleration. I graduated with a civil engineering degree in structures....conservation of energy tells us this is impossible unless all beams are cut at the exact same time. That is very troubling to me.

Hell if i had the time i'd try to raise money and get some of the dust sent to a lab like you suggested.