Comment: Why am I bothering to debate

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Why am I bothering to debate

Why am I bothering to debate a fool? I said that a theory may not be proven. That doesn't mean that it can't be proven. That merely means that there are speculative theories that haven't yet been proven. In physics, string theory is probably the best example. There are many mathematical theorems that have been proven within string theory, so it is not a vacuous body of work. But no one has yet shown that it conforms to real physics. There is no new prediction made by string theory that has been confirmed experimentally. And I note that as a practical matter, even though it has not yet been confirmed experimentally, people in the field call it "String Theory" not "String Hypothesis".

Obviously if repeated attempts to prove a hypothesis fail people reject it and move on. Your point is?

And finally, when a hypothesis has been adequately confirmed by experiment, it is inevitably called a theory. So while all hypotheses are speculative, not all theories are.