Comment: I didn't down vote you

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I didn't down vote you

I believe in freedom of speach.

When I see Detroit, I see the opportunity for the Loberty Movement to create and establish a Liberty City. To me, that's how to materialize independence. Other than that, when your neighbors are rebuilding and you;'re not because FEAM is crap.. then it's like shooting yourself in the foot. The principle is to take what you have and make the best of it. That's how you change things. Not damning it at your own loss.

Think any neighbor is going to think, "Wow, that R-Hal guy is amazing, he would rather having nothing than to rebuild?"

Or you could be like many people in the soup kitchen, tell us all about how bad things are and that's why they won't do anything but look for the next free meal (like it's OK if I get the food from the food bank and private donations, but food stanmps are bad?"