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plus jill, if your fears are

plus jill, if your fears are realised why would you NOT be for ridding what is arguebely one of their most powerfull tool, a tool that can potentially make it extremely easy to keep things the way they are if not you not see the major danger, something like this can cause....SOMETHING THAT NO PAST EMPIRE HAS EVER HAD ACCESSED TO.........this tool is a possible game changer, the risk that tyrany may go further then its ever gone before......if a revolution happens, ok, all bets are off......but when the opportunity, when the discussion, is about ending a tool tyranny would welcome, should we ignore it, should we not at least show support for it..........should we let it go and give permission in doing so, you know, join everyone else

We havent forgotten other issues, we havent stopped CARRING for other issues, if that is a worry of yours......forgive my use of analogy to try to explain this, im finding it difficult to explain where im coming from, the words, the sentence

Its like a ballon full of corruption, with millions of nails trying to pop it having their individual go, with no sucess, because the pressure being applied is so incosequential, that not a one is able to pop it, but then one nail comes along that somehow makes a dent, but is not enough, the other nails see it, and they gather and realise that as they do, the dent gets larger, so more come, and more come, and the dent gets bigger, and bigger.......i think you know the rest

all your fears are concentrated in that ballon, if you saw a concerted effort to once and for all dispand those things you, i, the person next door, fears, would you stand idle, or would you confront those fears

I mean "fear" in a general sense, im not implying a scaredy cat, more of a, "what i fear is happening" sense....but even in that other sense i see nothing wrong with it, its honest, its a truthfull, and i respect those things....