Comment: Watch for the lies coming out pre 50th Anniversary

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Watch for the lies coming out pre 50th Anniversary

This is a crock. A weak attempt to go with the "official story" that the bullet to the head came from the rear, to cover up the truth that the bullet entered from the front and blew a hole in the back of JFK's head as it exited.

Plain and simple, a bullet entering the skull does not shatter pieces of skull and blow them backward. The shot was from the front and as the bullet exited the skull it blew pieces out and away from the head. A piece of skull was found the next day in the grass, and the large piece that was on the trunk of the car that Jackie was retrieving.

The powers that be are ramping up for the Kennedy assassination's 50th anniversary to make sure the offical story is once again backed up. But, the truth is out there. So many books as to went really went on and who was behind "The Big Event" as it was code named.

If the Truth were made known to the world in major press, we could start to easily unravel the ills that plague this country and the world. There is still time to bring responsible high government figures to trial before they die, and make sure that those who are already dead go down in history as guilty of killing JFK.