Comment: Thank you kevink!

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Thank you kevink!

I've been meaning to check her FB for the last couple of days but got side tracked. She updated on July 22 that her trespass charges were dropped. Cool, but the didn't have anything to stand on anyway. Here's the update, I haven't read through the doc's yet.

Karen Hudes shared a link.
July 22
This morning Judge Susan R. Winfield in DC Superior Court Criminal Division dismissed pending trespass charges for want of prosecution. Maybe this was in response to my statement, "The Department of Justice has further compromised its integrity in pursuing an action against the legal official of an international organization on the brink of an economic crisis when that international organization is essential to prevent the crisis." With the dismissal, the Court was not required to rule whether it had jurisdiction, or whether I was immune from prosecution as an employee reinstated by the World Bank's membership. The World Bank still does not qualify for the US contribution to the World Bank's capital increase without "results that eliminate the effect of retaliation against World Bank whistleblowers," as required in § 7082 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012 (Pub. L. 112-74). available here:

There were many elephants in the room: how continuation of the case against me might affect jobs in the DC area's largest employer due to a corrupt business environment; whether and when the Bretton Woods institutions will start tackling the corruption that is throwing the precious metals markets into such turmoil; and the biggest uncertainty that I argued in my brief: "Countries will be reluctant to cooperate unless they are convinced that other countries are also committed to doing so."

I am now asking taxpayers to ask Congress, their attorneys general, state governors, the counties, and the Chief Justices of State Supreme Courts for the US to join with the other countries of the world in preventing a permanent backwardation in gold which would interrupt international trade and cause grave economic dislocation. Fire Allied Barton, owned by the super entity described here whose security guards bar law from the World Bank ‪#‎karenhudes‬