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I have read the Screwtape letters countless times, most recently a few weeks ago, and I always find something that I did not pick up on before. The genius of C.S. Lewis and his brilliant use of satire is, without a doubt, Lewis at his best.

However, a word of caution. This was written for believers of the Bible. Those who do not believe or who do not have a firm grasp of Scripture will quite possibly not enjoy or even understand the message that Lewis is conveying. I have recommended this work at least 100 times in my life. To date I have NEVER encountered a Christian who did not appreciate it. I have also, many years ago, given the book as a gift to non-Christian friends. None ever reported back that they actually enjoyed it and many said they just "did not get it."

You can find the Audiobook narrated by John Cleese in 6 parts and listen to it for free on You Tube.

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