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Except that is nonsense.

And leads to a intellectual purgatory that makes any effort to understand anything a waste of time. It is directly at odds with Socrates, and any philosopher that I agree with.

To deny facts, is to be, by definition, an idiot. No offense if you choose to live your life that way. I know plenty of happy people that choose to live life in that fashion. But it's not for me, and you have already removed yourself from debate, if you choose that.

If you notice, I gave you the -real- quote, "The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms." Which is both parties stipulating what they mean when they say certain things, and an understanding of facts and agreed upon opinions. That is seeking knowledge.

Also note that facts are not arbitrary. Opinions on the meanings of those facts, may be. Facts are not the same thing as opinions, even if you wish it so.

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