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Purification Run-down

If you are open to using methods from strange sources,
get the book "Clear Body, Clear Mind".
The book claims to (effectively) rinse-away radiation among other things (pollution, residual LSD particles ..or other really small particles).

There is a lot of alternative information out there.

Niacin (part of the purification program) is supposed to weaken the cell walls; allowing particles and radiation to pass-through. Spirulina has high niacin levels as well.

There is no denying that Scientology is a contentious topic (I am not a practitioner), yet fascinating and maybe even has some generally useful bits, like their body purification program.

I've incorporated parts of it into my purification routine.
All I can say is, seeing is believing.
After taking moderately high doses of niacin, I've seen old tan-lines (sun radiation) appear and/or release from my legs.
So, I think they are correct about being able to remove radiation from the body.

Amazing to think that your sunburns and other radiation accumulate over time.
Good to know you don't have to die with it.

Just be cautious. Extreme changes in physiology can induce a spiritual experience, or even land you in the psyc ward. ..and that's the problem with Scientology. They are able to induce the spiritual experience and direct people (aka brainwash) toward their beliefs. Some sweat lodges might be able to do this as well. So, be careful who you surround yourself with, especially if you start to open-up spiritually.