Comment: D why did the 17 yr old have MJ in his system?

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D why did the 17 yr old have MJ in his system?

I'll play Devil's Advocate.

Don't get me completely wrong here. I do not think GZ should have been carrying a firearm on his person in consideration of the activity he was participating, re: Community Watch. The HOA's Community Watch was obviously Bonded in some way; hence the insurance payout to TM's parents. But I have yet to hear or read of a reporter questioning the HOA on authorizing a "Drone Strike" re: its okay to conceal carry why performing the watch.

But back to the Mary Jane question. What does this say about TM's rebellious nature?

Would he be a person who's nature would be respectful of authority?

Was TM chased down by GZ?

What's wrong with an easy going, "Hey Dude, you're freaking me out. I'm just walking to my Pop's house."

Or if not that, why did TM stand his ground? He is 17, legally he has no Adult rights. Why didn't he bolt?

If he's smoking dope at 17 he certainly knows a little something something about his rights. And don't say no, at 17, I was growing pot and reading high times. I think TM was street smart in many ways, just not smart enough to know what to do at the right time when it really mattered. He like to talk smack and tried to back it up. Bottom line is you do not bring a knife to a gun fight. And if I see that TM 12 year angel picture again, I think I am going to puke, TM was no angle. Many kids like myself in a busted family situation are not and were not. That's why weed was an escape. The kid was out of his league and was not chased down. The incident occurred a mere few yards from GZ's truck. Maybe TM profiled GZ and didn't see "This is ain't no punk" until his nads got the best of him. You know the saying, Young Dumb and full of Cum. Its all possible brother, and yes I have heard the dispatch. Voice print analysis will prove who was saying what as consumer technology gets cheaper. (Which the Feds have probably already done, hence no Hate crime, hence the Power Brokers used the story for their advantage)

This TM/GZ story is jacked brother! And there are those out there that want Charlie Manson to be right. Its to their political advantage to have a race war.

Getting to Abdulrahman. He was rebellious too. He took off from grandpa's to find his dad. His dad, who at the time, was not completely confirm as BBQ'd and there have been various reports saying AaA took off after hearing the news of his fathers possible death. So in a nutshell, Dude this comparison is a fuct-up comparison that doesn't even come close. Obama is a war criminal with an Ivy League degree. GZ is an idiot with a gun. End of story.

You seem to me as a bright individual, but if a year from now breaks-in drop in GZ's community and some busted fence ends up having merch with TM finger prints on it, the crap is really going to hit the fan.

March 2012

"The Miami Herald in its Tuesday editions reported that it had obtained a Miami-Dade Schools Police Department report that showed the slain teenager was suspended in October for writing obscene graffiti on a door at his high school. During a search of his backpack, the report said, campus security officers found 12 pieces of women's jewelry, a watch and a screwdriver that they felt could be used as a burglary tool.

Martin's fatal Feb. 26 shooting in Sanford, Fla., by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman has caused a national firestorm. His family and people at rallies all over the country have demanded the arrest of Zimmerman who says he shot the unarmed 17-year-old in self-defense. Martin was black and Zimmerman's father is white and his mother, Hispanic. Martin's family and their supporters believe race played a part in the decision not to charge Zimmerman.

The Herald reported that when campus security confronted Martin with the jewelry, he told them that a friend had given it to him, but he wouldn't give a name. The report said the jewelry was confiscated and a photo of it was sent to Miami-Dade Police burglary detectives. Miami-Dade school officials declined Tuesday to confirm the report when contacted by The Associated Press, citing federal privacy laws regarding students.

Miami-Dade Police confirmed that it had been asked by school police to help identify the property taken from Martin's backpack. It notified school police that the jewelry did not match any that had been reported stolen.

Martin had previously been suspended for excessive absences and tardiness and, at the time of his death, was serving a 10-day suspension after school officials found an empty plastic bag with marijuana traces in his backpack."

TM was a trouble teen with an attitude and crappy(now rich) parents.
AaA was a trouble teen too. He was troubled by the fact that even though his dad was brilliant and his grandfather was highly successful, he wanted to know what was on the other side of river; well he found it. A drone. TM just wanted to find another bag of weed and get though a 10 day suspension. My father would have had my ass for ten day suspension, I would be grounded (no 7/11), and I would be only wishing a load of TNT would land on me.

Don't get sucked into the racist BS.
For God sake please use your wonderful intellect and writing skills to nail these war criminals with more finesse.

You asked for an opinion/comment/etc.
Well... You got it brother.