Comment: I believe if there is no ssn,

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I believe if there is no ssn,

I believe if there is no ssn, there is no way to tax the "income". My question to you is how do you get a job with no ssn? My son is in the exact position you describe but he is way too young to worry about a job. I hope he can make his way without having a traditional "job" but it is getting harder and harder to do. Even self-employment is difficult if clients are unwilling to deal with someone without a tin for the 1099's to go to. If you try to educate them on the income tax, they think you are someone they should steer clear of. So is it possible to be employed in the private sector without a ssn? The answer is yes, with limitations.
What are YOUR thought on the question you posited? Noone here seems to have any input on your question and it seems you want to say something on the topic.