Comment: I am reminded by a book that

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I am reminded by a book that

I am reminded of a book that I read many years ago which said we perceive.5 things in life, seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, feeling. This is why most atheist do not believe in God, because they say, "you can't see Him, you can't touch Him, you can't hear Him and you can't taste Him, and you can't smell Him, it is their right, and no one has a right to judge an atheist except God almighty.

But most Christians live in a world that not only do they perceive these five things but are also conscious of things. These things that we're conscious of are love, joy, happiness, being content, feeling sorrowful,and feeling anger. Even though none of these things can be perceived, they still exist as objects in our life. So too is God felt in a Christian's life. He can't touch God with his hand, nor can he see His face when he wakes up, or hear His voice when he goes out of his house nor smell His fragrance when he sits down, but he is conscious of Him just like he is conscious of gravity. He doesn't see the force pull down the object but he is conscious of it.

You have chosen to believe that it will be you and your actions that will turn the tide. But remember this, we are all but specs of sand on the seashore and without the help of "Almighty God," our battle will be lost. I never one time in my letter above said that I planned on sitting on my hands and do nothing. Christians have fought for freedom for this Country and it was Christians who were the ones that gave us a Constitution, not atheist. Name one atheist who ever held the levers of power that led a nation that you would want to live under. I think you would be hard pressed to find one. Even Thomas Paine, who became a Deist after many pastors in churches across this land refused to revolt against King George still believed in God. He never became so naive as to think that man came from a spec of bacteria, and from there evolved into some sort of simian which allowed him one day to climb down out of a tree and become Tarzan.

Because the belief that man came from an ape is as silly as believing that Tarzan was raised by an Ape. The educated man will always go with a world which was developed by law, order and design, and no right thinking man would ever believe that our planets just happened to fall just far enough away from the sun to sustain life and the rotation of our planet is in such a way that it promotes life and sustains it with its seasons. Or having a moon just far enough away from the earth to bring our tides in and out. And I could give you countless reasons of why it is much more probable there is a God but in your heart, you have chosen to be your own God but it is my belief that a man who has God on his side will always be more dangerous to evil than a man who believes that morality is neither Holy nor virtuous. Well if God does not exist, then why do you take the pains of living a good life? What makes you want to continue to do good? What drives you to do good? Is it because you're a good man, or is it because something was put into you by your creator which makes you yearn to be good.

Men with the ability to think, realize that the probability of there not being a God is far less than the probability that there is a God. There are only so many times you can roll seven before you realize that the dice are either loaded or someone else is making the dice hit seven. One need only to study, "Discrete Probability Distributions," to realize that you have a better chance of rolling seven on an unloaded set of dice ten thousand times in a row, than God not existing. He made this World and all that is in it, "to believe anything else is just plain foolish."