Comment: What? Why everyone so upset?

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What? Why everyone so upset?

Obombya, just likes to party.

When you reach 80 everyone comes over a sings "Happy death day to you, happy death day to you....."

Death Day is just for people when they reach 80 (I think).

Then the next year they move it to 70, then 60, so everyone can hold the gov's special million dollar parties at least once in their life.....

On this day Obombya declares "let em eat cake...... & drink his special Kool aid....."

....Hitler made some reference to having a youthfully-fit world, or a world consistantly full of vigor and youth. And everyone was conditioned to like Death Day, just like in the ole "Star Trek" movie. Ain't it grand.

Arnie the clown comes to your party, "dressed in goth" to sing his special "Asta la vista baby" song to ya. celb-bratties and all....


How long will all the sheep keep going down this road? Ehh, just disguise it all in cake and they'll eat it....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? >