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Yes, we are outraged

You're right about one thing RIFR, concentration on the long side is just as criminal as concentration on the short side.

I for one, am outraged. These crooks fleeced folks who invested based on sound fundamentals, and now that the Bank of England(which has just come out is suddenly down 1,300 tonnes of gold in the reserves in the last 3 months) has gotten their correction in gold, and relieved the bank short positions(as they did with the "Brown's Bottom" in 1999), these banks have been 'bailed out' by central bank gold selling, and are positioned to profit on the way back up.

Yes, though I know I'm soon to profit, I hate hate hate it that these guys are long gold(and increasingly long in silver) instead of getting prison food.

And yes, the CFTC has been an utter failure in any meaningful reforms that they were given a mandate to produce. I'm on the right side of this trade and history...but I wish the banks had been caught in a trap of their own making.