Comment: Here's how I see the 2016 neocon 'strategy'

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Here's how I see the 2016 neocon 'strategy'

Rand Paul is looking to capture the 'nervous' neocon voters..
presenting a 'moderate' position regarding the U.S. military empire by NOT adopting the more polemic view of his father; i.e.-- 'bring all the troops home' position.

He is looking and hopes to capture THOSE voters... TeaOcons.. the 'slightly' awakened sheep... 'uncomfortable' with military gone wild.

The Neocon strategists are looking to capture that SAME voting block
by presenting Pete King as the 'radical'
and offering Christie as the anti-King vote... a more 'sensible' neocon.

And the next 3 years (watch the Christie softball interviews v. the Rand ambush interviews) will play that strategy to the hilt.

Expect nothing less.