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in my "real" life...

..that is, paying the rent and keeping kitty in kibble, I'm into drugs, gambling, and extortion. That is, I work retail and sell beer, cigarettes, LOTS of lottery tickets to starry eyed statist optimists ("I'm heppin edge-occasion"), and of course, collect sales taxes on qualified purchases. Sadly, i am intimately acquainted with the (Ohio) state lottery scene. Sad fools coming up to the counter with their candy and soda pop asking, "Y'all take EBT?" When I answer that we DON'T, they sigh, pull out cash, and in addition to the "food items" also purchase alcohol, nicotine, and scratch-offs. They "can't" afford to feed themselves, but somehow WE'RE on the hook for their hobbies.

Poor example: what my dad said about Adlai Stevenson: "He had the thinking man's vote, but it takes a majority to win."

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