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Invitation to a duel.

I was tracking you pretty well until you brought in natural law and natural rights. You REALLY should have read my article on rights, linked above and here.

You seem to be STARTING with the premise that universal and inalienable rights exist, rather than deducing it. This is different from the way theists conjure God out of nothing -- how, exactly?

You correctly note that rights are a moral concept. That is, they are derived from morality, rather than the other way around. Now you have a problem: there is no universal morality, nor can there ever be one, since every individual gets to choose his own. No matter how stupid, vicious, sociopathic or insane a person is -- he still gets to choose his own moral standard. What are "rights" in the mind of Charles Manson, do you imagine? Or in the mind of Barack Obama?

See, you're trying to work out a way for rights to be universal, or "natural," and BILLIONS of these stupid non-ideal human beings don't agree with you about what "right" is. Sure you can conceive a way for rights to be non-conflicting, but your conceptions impose no necessity on reality. Individuals ALL decide for themselves what is right, and from that basis they derive their ideas of what their "rights" are. But there are gazillions of different views on those subjects, and NONE has more claim than any of the others to be "natural." More popular, sure. Universal -- never.

Please comment on the "Rights Are Santa Claus" thread. That's where this discussion really belongs.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose