Comment: Not any time soon, I'm afraid

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Not any time soon, I'm afraid

"At what point... ?" Never, I'm afraid.

Or not until people realize that the lip service of the rent-seeking, parasitic, corrupt, self-proclaimed "great organizers of society" is completely irrelevant to the stubborn facts:

no matter how much they force everybody to be stolen, no matter how long... It never helps to fulfill the advertised intents, and they will always want to take and waste more of it, anyway.

The proliferation of perverted laws and social programs they're so addicted to - in policy making, that is - sure comes very much in handy for those great Supermen, in that respect, doesn't it?

Oh, and they will always want people, also, to praise them for their legal plunder, btw.

Am I inventing anything or is it enough to open and re-read the newspapers of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 80 years back behind us?

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