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I have been enjoying watching movies made in the Mid East. Not only are they educational about the area, customs, life situations, government, but many have really good stories I think about for days.

Some of them, I have passed over, and then when I did watch it, was really happy I did.

I just watched one from Pakistan, and it had 911 was an inside job theme, talked about America, what they think about America (people are stupid, greedy, fat, unhappy, and American politicians have to be corrupt to win an election). I had no idea guns are such a huge business.. people get up, go to work, shoot off their guns, almost as if, it's a message that the shop is open.. and I had no idea they were into hashish, or how they lived, or how different types of Muslim faiths plays into it.. some of the muezzin have outstanding voices, and they are like rock stars.

Kurdistan is WOW! Palestinian movies are great because they show you how messed up the Palestinian Authority is. It will make you mad. Think we have problems? Watch some movies from the Mid-East.