Comment: ~ George was spectacular! ~

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~ George was spectacular! ~

~ George was spectacular!
~ He rolled up on the scene and he slid right out the car door and sprang into action as soon as his feet hit the GROUND!
~ He had that fire put out in a MINUTE!
~ And he reluctantly gave the responding officer his information and statement.
~ The other people who coagulated arounf the wreck all recognized George so he modestly slipped away.
~ I swear it.
~ Thank God he knew how to defend himself against a violent attacker in February 2012, otherwise he would not be here to help those in need.
~ Glory!
~ Let me get an AMEN up in here!
~ No weapon formed against George shall prosper!
~ His Momma should get out there on the speakers’ network and spread her gratitude that her son, who was attacked by Trayvon Martin, lived to talk about it because he used his God given right to defend himself.