Comment: You are basing your choices upon QUOTES?

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You are basing your choices upon QUOTES?

Washington gave us Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton and Chief Justice John Marshall, two of the greatest enemies of liberty of that generation.

I like Jefferson (and would select him among the bunch), but I think he should have hanged John Adams for the Alien and Sedition acts.

James Garfield attacked the banks and was assassinated for his trouble.

As someone else said, Coolidge did nothing to stop the growth of power by the Federal Reserve.

As have others, I would also pick Grover Cleveland as one of our best presidents, even though he apparently didn't do much for native Americans. Besides, how can you fault a morbidly obese, homely man who still manages to marry a hot wife, 32 years his junior (the first time he held her, Francis Cleveland was two weeks old.) Though forgotten, Francis Folsom Cleveland is also considered one of our greatest First Ladies.