Comment: The right of return always has existed for....

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The right of return always has existed for....

...and it still does exist for Palestinians and their descendants who lived in Palestinian land that became Israel.

That's never been in question (except here on DP). It's Israeli law.

What's in question is Palestinians WHO DID NOT LIVE IN PALESTINE/ISRAEL at the time of Israel's founding. Why should they have a right of return to a place they weren't from?

Those Palestinians who Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi drove out of their lands AT THE POINT OF A GUN because they didn't want the Palestinians were taken in by Israel. None of the other Arab nations wanted them and literally drove them off the lands they were born onto by force. They settled in settlements at the outskirts of Israel. Hence the "question." It was never their land. They were born in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, etc. (or now their parents were.)

Who are you to intervene in a foreign nation's affairs to force them to take hostile refugees whose homelands drove them out?

If the roles were reversed and driven-out Jews settled in settlements on the outskirts of Jordan and Egypt, would you be saying the same thing? No you would not be. Be honest.