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There are several things to

There are several things to consider in my opinion...

First of which being, you're not likely to escape taxes. The majority of tax free countries are not places any liberty loving person would want to relocate to. There are a small handful of places on the list I saw that could be decent, but further research would probably be necessary.

Plus, you can't just decide that I am going to move there and then move. If it were only that easy. The immigration process can be pretty rough depending on where you want to go. There are always lots of laws you have to consider and depending on your occupation, the respective government may say that they don't need any persons that have your job and could deny you entry...

I'm an American living in Denmark and I pay a lot of taxes. But to my surprise, I found out that I'm not paying any more in taxes than what I would be paying in the US. I pay 42% in income taxes which really sucks may I add, but in the US I was paying 34% to the feds and 13% to my state. Put that together and I am paying less taxes than a lot of people back home. My point is that looks can be deceiving and research in any place you would want to relocate is a must. Perhaps make a friend with someone who lives in a country where you are considering to move and maybe they can provide you some assistance in your research.

Good luck!