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Buddah man

Seriously dude, never said he wasn't a scholar. A scholarship doesn't mean you are "touched by god" or "a holy man of knowledge so therefore no one should question your judgment". All it is is a bunch of people teaching other people in a house called a university of what they believe to be true with current knowledge. The same universities that tout Keynesian economics. They slap a funny hat on you at the end and give you a scroll/certificate/degree and you make you feel smart.

I'm not saying that anyone can't write anything. In fact you have the right to write whatever, just don't think you won't be questioned about it.

What I am saying is there is a direct conflict of interest.

If I was republican, then wrote a book criticizing the democrats then said because I have all this "book knowledge" and I was an "expert" you shouldn't question me - you would still say I don't have a conflict of interest?

The knowledge doesn't negate that. It's a simple little thing which could or could not mean something.