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I think we can make a huge

I think we can make a huge splash without actually stop paying. The government relies on us overpaying our income taxes so they can collect interest then pay us our 'refund' at the end of the year.

What if we start a movement to have 0 withholding on our income tax. It will take self control to put the money aside in a savings account and write a check on tax day but it will serve a couple very important factors:

1. People will see how much they actually make if they were not robbed of their money before they even get the paycheck.

2. The IRS will not recieve any money until tax day which will force them to rethink their budget and have the admin burden of collecting all the taxes at once.

3. It will be easier to shift this into non paying. If everyone realizes that all they have to do is not write that check on April 15 together it will crash the system. If they are getting a refund, they have the illusion they are getting a good deal.

It will take baby steps. At first, we could even start by telling your payroll manager you want 0 withheld just for one paycheck. I did this and it was almost surreal to collect all my hard earned money, even for just one check. It was a bummer to switch back but people need to realize the full fruits of their labor as the IRS is very good at hiding the fact they are screwing people.

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