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Comment: Tons Of Info!

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Tons Of Info!

I also enjoyed reviewing the screenshots of the system and was able to derive a fair bit of information from them.

As I read the article, I reflected on one of my behaviors that could make me an easy, unwarranted target...even though I reside in the US. I use VPN frequently and sometimes I use foreign destination VPN, as it's an option with the service I subscribe to. There's essentially a "justification" shown in the screenshot that says, "Network, machine or tech info that indicates the person is outside the US." Even though I'm in the US, the "network info" that is caught in this system would indicate I'm outside the US and therefore a "legitimate" target without a warrant.

I suppose that clearly makes me the "not wittingly" target, yeah? Of course, I no longer feel safe on the internet anyway...whether I "appear" to be from the US or outside the US.