Comment: Liberal 'Environmentalists'

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Liberal 'Environmentalists'

Liberal 'Environmentalists' are so stupid. My girlfrend is an Environmental Studies major and she got in a huge fight with her online class over the global warming scam. There was even a kid that complained he hates WalMart but is living check to check and has to shop there. A week later he said he supports an additional $.90 tax on gas to encourage people to buy electric cars...

Besides the global goverment aspect, Global Warming is so subversive to sustainability in that it makes people ignore real environmental issues such as:

1. There is a giant cesspool of plastic bits the size of Texas floating in the pacific ocean.

2. Thanks to natural gas fracking, people in CO have their well water catch on fire. As in they put a lighter to their facet and it ignites! Now Obama wants to push Natural Gas and the EPA ignores all these reports.

3. Cancer rates and Autism have been skyrocketing due to all the crap we put in our bodies.

But the fact Earth may be a couple degrees warming is surely worse than that lol

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.