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Actually ((((sharky))))

It's ALL about YOU.

I've got my movie, and you've got yours.

In your movie, I'm a MONSTER.

In my movie, you're a passionate, compassionate, truth, justice, righteousness defender, who wants their life to be all about liberty, love, happiness, Heaven on Earth, while you find fault, and blame who YOU lable, "MONSTERS", like me, that you rage against, when you feel betrayed by the roles that you cast, for who becomes the MONSTERS in YOUR movie. Maybe your movie is a "How to make a MONSTER", movie?

Your movie is all about YOU, and my movie is all about me. And everyone here has their own movie, all about them. That's the way it is.

I'm not going to tell you that I am not a MONSTER. You have every right to see me in your movie as you please. I have no right, nor would I take the liberty to deny you your perception of me being a MONSTER because I don't find a 19 year old as a "boy", and have no tolerance for anyone, at any age, making VIOLENT threats against kindergarteners, specific, or in general.

In my movie, the 19 year old ADULT MALE attracted his own violence with violent threats. Law of attraction.

Do you KNOW him (((((sharky))))))? Do you KNOW him personally? Maybe you are defending an illusion because you have made police MONSTERS?

There have been 55 violent threats made against elementary schools. Why is this OK ((((sharky))))?

Why are you on the side of those who make violent threats to kindergarteners?

Why are you not joining the parents and people who want to protect children from violent threats?

Who is more innocent? A 19 year old man making violent threats against kindergarteners, or the kindergarteners?

Why is "kindergartener" a non person to you?

I make no apology for standing with the parents who love and care for their kindergarteners happiness, good health and dfreedom from violent threats.

And finally ((((Sharky))))), being you have such a passion for what you see as WRONG in the civilian forces, why not join them? Why not walk in their shoes? Why not be a guard who will stop violence without violence?