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I left out a response to the

I left out a response to the "killing domestic jobs" chimera. Sorry about that, but here it is:

Unemployment is caused by one thing, and one thing alone. Unemployment is a surplus of a good, human labor. Surpluses are caused by a price that is above the equilibrium price, the price where supply and demand are equal. Since it takes labor to produce a good, all goods surpluses are surpluses of labor(ie: labor that no one wants to pay for).

Whatever is killing jobs, it is doing so by keeping wages too high to hire everyone that wants a job. Two that come to mind immediately are unionism and minimum wage laws. Now, I'm not inserting an arbitrary moral judgement here. You might think it moral for workers to get a minimum income. In that case, you shouldn't complain about lost jobs. Increased unemployment is how you know that minimum wage laws are working. The extra income has to come from somewhere, and we already know that it has to come from either labor wages or ground rent. In the case of minimum wage laws, the extra income comes from the pockets of the unemployed.

But that is what unemployment benefits are for, right? Ah, but where does that money come from? From the employed laborers and landlords, of course.... But if artificially heightened wages come from the unemployed, and unemployment benefits come from those that received the higher wages, all minimum wages laws (and unions) can POSSIBLY accomplish is making people hand their newly gotten gains over to the bureaucracy to pay for enforcement.

This leaves no room for you to explain how I, personally, could kill domestic jobs even if I wanted to. I'm not in a union, and I don't support minimum wage laws, therefore unemployment can't be blamed on me, or any freedom loving person.

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."