Comment: I hate most women politically, And if it weren't for the good

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I hate most women politically, And if it weren't for the good

ones I think we'd be better off taking away their right to vote.

There are those websites: cafemom, thestir, those vapid stupid websites where women read articles by spiritually empty pathetic yuppy urbanites addressing their infinitude of insecurities. But then there's the occasional personality puff piece on a liberal politician. Or a factually void unapologetic take down guns or free markets.

Then there's the identity politics: well, the economy might be bad, but Romney will take away you birth control and make it illegal.

When I have political conversations with most women, they get upset if you use too much logic. And if they present a fact that someone they find credible or like socially told them, and that argument possesses the most minute internal consistency, they are completely astounded if you disagree with it. Don't you think communities should be safe from people waving guns around? But what about reasonable gun laws? Okay, what makes something reasonable or unreasonable? Well, an assault ban is reasonable? Why? Well, who needs an assault weapon, nobody? How do you know? Because it's reasonable (no because barbara walters said it with convincing tone of voice and a the socially approving nods of 30 other women in the room).

Well, there are some ridiculously scuztastic men out there. And god bless the good women.

But my lord, as a man who is semi-intelligent and somewhat politically informed, there is a type of woman out there than can just make me crazy.