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I believe that videos like this are part of the system, employing (because these guys get paid, the 19 year old was not paid, and there's the difference).. I fully believe vids like the one you presented are part of a consiracy to track, and sting, the purchasers. If you are attracted, influenced, resonate with this kind of production, than chances are, you are in the radar.

To me, this kind of video are for those who have emotional and intellectual problems. They are not going to contribute much to humanity because they are already "on the dark side", unable to grasp concepts beyond basic banal emotional response.

People who buy into this kind of vid are already angry.

Music industry is HUGE controlled propeganda. The industry is well aware how to manipulate people. If you think this kind of vid is not a "set up", then you don't understand the industry, which is controlled by attorneys and the courts.

It's a "fly trap". AKA "Predator trap". Law of attraction. It's BAIT. Why not compose your own music/rap/life?