Comment: I'm glad someone asked

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I'm glad someone asked

and yes I'm sure of my conviction on Cleveland.

All my accusations are stated in Murray Rothbards book (which you can get free on "Bankers, Wallstreet, and American Foreign Policy"; I think under the chapter on the Morgans.

I used this info in a Foreign policy paper i wrote as a marker for when The U.S truly abandoned it's policy of non-intervention and that came under the Cleveland administration. He used the navy for a bunch of proxy banker wars down in the carribean and southern america for trade territory/ advantages, he nearly started another war with GB as they were their territories. He lined his cabinet with the people responsible for putting him in office, the Morgans; and he gave them deep influence with Foreign Policcy decisions.

Cleveland was absolutely not someone anyone should hold in high regards especillay around here, not sure where that non-interventionist title comes from because his actions represent the exact opposite. He started what the U.S has become today, an Oligarchic Empire.