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Im not sure how you made your

Im not sure how you made your connection since Eminem has never been part of the system. He has always been an outsider to the rest of the artist in his genera.

Sure a lot of his earlier music contained extremely graphic and offensive content, but it also was at a time when he was constantly being attacked on everything he did. So his music was a way to attack back, a slap in the face to those that hated him.

And before you want to say those who listen to him are already on the dark side, listen to the lyrics first. Don't just hear them and make a decision, listen and understand them.

Im a cajun and grew up on country, but I like Eminem because his music strikes something in me, its understanding of things I've been through. It is probably the only rap I ever listen to because it actually has meaning in the words. His music is his way of expressing the struggles and events in his life. So rather than being an attraction to those that are already angry, for me his music became a way to release my angers.

Now for most other artist, I agree that it is just a huge propaganda machine. But be careful on blindly grouping certain people with certain music.