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Comment: As a woman

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As a woman

I don't see, "women's rights", in the name of, CHOICE, being pro women. I see "Pro-Choice" as "Pro-Death" to women's souls and children. I don't see "women's right", as libertarian. Libertarian is HUMAN RIGHTS. An embryo is HUMAN.

I have NEVER once met any woman (maybe YOU are that woman?) who ever told me, "You know what I dream about? I mean seriously, know what I want more than a new wardrobe or computer, or car, or cruise, or vacation? I want an abortion! God, I can't wait to have an abortion".

"Forget marriage, forget having kids, forget all that BS. An abortion is where it's at! I hope that by the time I'm 30 I have at least 20!" I wish I could have more, because abortion is ALL Woman! It makes me a REAL woman!"

I never heard that.

I think women abort because they don't have a partner who supports them, doesn't want them for long, and especially doesn't want their spawn. I think these are WEAK women who SERVE men. I really do.

Why abort? Most is because the boyfriend doesn't want it, they can't afford it.

What gets me most about abortion is, abortion gets MEN off the hook. He doesn't go through any operation. Most cases the state pays for it (if you can't respect the most innocent of human life, what makes you think your life will be respected?).

I had no aunts growing up, all uncles, a lot of brothers. Grew up listening to what men had to say about women. If you think the male population respects you for having abotions, (and if you told the guy who impregnanted you, they ALL know about it). my brothers would all talk about who was getting abortions.. it's a game. You like being a pawn in a game, thinking sex is all that, you're being had. "She says she's pro-CHOICE, all that means is she screws".

I would suggest that maybe to not be a pawn/toy, you get real, begin to LOVE abortion.. save up for it. be proud of it. Don't call it some fakey "pro-choice" to coverup the truth with a BS name. Call it what it is.. Be an ABORTIONSIST, let everyone know, you're a sperm recptical who gets off getting embryos sucked out and mulalated, because they're worthless to you.. and then wonder why, no good guy comes along in your life.

Libertarians are HUMAN rights.

Susan B. Athony said, "I can tell a granger woman for as for as I can see them from the way they carry themselves, like a man."

HUMAN RIGHTS is where it's at.