Comment: They will never even admit

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They will never even admit

They will never even admit their man-made ozone hole hoax. It's common sense really. CFCs are heavy. They would not gather in the upper atmosphere. The planet spins, so it would act like a centrifuge and propel them to the equator. The reason for the ozone holes is a product of the earth's tilt. Ozone (O3) is created when UV light strikes diatomic oxygen (O2). O2 is what filters most UV light, NOT O3. O3 has a lifetime. When the north pole is in its winter, it's not getting any sun, therefore no O3 production and the O3 death makes a "hole." Apply the same to the south pole for its winter. Both poles will ALWAYS and naturally have a thinner ozonosphere.

I saw somewhere years ago that they found out that R-12 was not that bad for the environment, when go ahead and read any R-134a causes testicular cancer. Not can, does. It's not only considered safe to let R-134a leak into the atmosphere, it's encouraged. Computer duster spray is R-134a and other refrigerants and chemicals.

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