Comment: The root meaning of obscene is off scene.

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The root meaning of obscene is off scene.

There is plenty that needs to be kept off scene. A lot of "realism" should be left to the imagination. Our culture has sunk into base behavior and movies reflect that. That is not something to be proud of.

A proper story follows the story of the world--in the beginning the world was perfect, and then sin and problems entered, but in the end good and the good guys win. A proper story follows the pattern of the story that Almighty God tells in His word, the Holy Bible--evil happens, but in the end it is, or will be, vanquished. Tolkein's LOTR is a good example of this. So is Slumdog Millionaire, although the blinding of the children ought to have been left off scene. In Slumdog, Jamal is very much a Christ figure and Latika the unfaithful Church. Jamal's love conquers in the end when Latika is rescued from her infidelities, redeemed, and marries Jamal. LOTR and Slumdog are examples of realism, if you want to talk about realism.