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anti bullying laws

were created by the nanny state,it was done to control the kids
and to keep them thinking for themselves,Disney has a few commercials about what bullying is
In one,3 girls sit eating lunch,another walks up and tries to sit down
they move so she can't,they call this bullying,instead of letting the kids
associate with whom they want to
words can hurt,but they do not harm another,ever hear of sticks and stones
will break my bones,but words will never hurt me?
kids need to be taught how to deal with these types of situations,but in schools they do not learn how to,they get taught they cannot do it,they need a teacher,a grown up a higher power,as kids are not bright enough,not
intelligent enough,and they are all impotent in their own thinking,kids do not lean how to deal with the real world,they get taught another grown up
has to be the one in charge
the 1st amendment has no stipulations on what can or not be said,it does not state we have free speech unless takes offense to it,it does not say,we can what we want until another doesn't like it
what we end up with is bunch of kids without knowledge of how the real world works,are afraid of saying anything,and are brought up thinking
others have more of a say over their own persons
we have kids growing up to adulthood without the basic tools to make it in the world,as this was never taught to them
we have kids in trouble now just for this reason alone
kids who are not taught at home,not corrected by their parents end up behind bars,in trouble more often,and into more and more drugs
and this is a direct result and a reflection of failed laws and a failed school system and these created to undo the crap laws put in place,that have also failed
kids have the right to defend themselves,but they aren't taught this,they are told to go tell an authority figure,now what happens to them as an adult,with this same mindset?
the nanny state stepped in and told parents they could not correct their offspring,this created yet another failed policy as we are seeing more and more in trouble,less and less learning a trade,and puts that burden on the cops and courts to deal with
but it was done with a grand design in place beforehand

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence