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Of course you wouldn't drink those.

And I'm not saying that those chemicals haven't been found in the drinking water (although I would like to see a source for that). However, consider that people have been lighting their waterwells on fire long before hydraulic fracturing existed. Those chemicals do, in fact, exist in reservoirs where biogenic methane exists (which would explain both why you can light the water on fire and why those chemicals are there). This may come as a suprise, but biogenic methane near surface is a good indicator that hydrocarbons exist in reservoirs much deeper. This may explain why oil and gas drilling commences in those locations. Correlation does not imply causation.

Also, frac'ing has been done commercially since the 1950s. Most wells in this country have been frac'ed at least once. The US has around half of the world's wells. It has been proven time and again to be safe for water aquifers, which incidentally are separated, by casing (pipe), cement and thousands of feet of rock.

I'm a skeptic myself, and probably why I love this website. I work in O&G and I question everything. This is one thing I feel strongly about. Be a skeptic. It's good to ask questions- and don't just trust my answer. I think "Fracknation" is a good documentary, but not fully complete.

BTW- yes, fracfocus is a great resource. Fracfocus is an example of a free market coalition getting together to efficiently do what gov'ts will never be able to do.