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I don't disagree

that anti-bullying laws are made made a NANNY STATE.

I adon't agree with you that they were created so kids won't think for themselves. I believe it was created to establush a dependency on THE STATE in the name of protection.

Parents, GOOD parents, are THE NANNY, and they don't let their kids associate with whoever they want. Kids are born into a world they didn't create, don't KNOW the difference between FRIEND and friendly (most predators attract kids by being friendly). Childhood is not easy. Kids are going to make mistakes, and so will parents, and the NANNY STATE, in the name of protection, in an attempt to apare people from their own mistakes, also makes HUGE mistakes.

Yeah, I'm well aware of "sticks and stones, and downvotes" and I have a very healthy self esteme, so the bullying doesn't effect me as others who cry over one downvote. I was "The new kid at school in many schools, so bullying is not new to me. I grew up with it. I grew up among a lot of kids. People don't grow up among a lot of kids today. They are pretty isolated.

Yes, kids need to learn how to deal with these situations, buty these situation do need to be addressed. I've seen plenty of situations where there is sympathy for the bully and this comes from a BLAME THE COMMUNITY, rather than, STOP THE BULLY.

The first amamndment does not apply to kids. And a BIG BIG problem we have are adults who use kids as reasons to promite their own NANNY STATE agenda. "For the kids" turns me cold.

Parents need to be involved. Parents need to be supported. I don't believe what is happening is by accident, I think it's a bad design and now I see more grandparents raising kids because they have more resources than parents. More things should be done FOR THE PARENTS than the kids, to enable parents to do more for their kids.

Still, as far as I'm concerned, you post threats to kindergarteners in general, and with 55 violent crimes committed against schools by young adults, I for one, do not believe this is harmless and should not be addressed. It's NOT ok to make violent death threats to kinder garteners. You think it's ok?