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Good verses to bring up

They definitely seem to promote complete and total submission to any and all authority. They are worth thinking about and discussing.

Jesus and the New Testament is about spiritual rebirth, becoming an agent of good on the planet while focusing on the kingdom of heaven that is to come and not being consumed with the worries and concerns of this decaying world. I think these verses need to be taken in context of that paradigm.

Therefore, behavior that is contrary to living in accordance with the New Testament paradigm is not being promoted in the above verses. The Bible always has to be read in context. All individual passages are merely parts of a whole. They aren't to be read as isolated, unconnected pieces. If the passage says obey all authority, it is implied that authority is to be obeyed as long as that authority is not demanding that you go against the central premises of the teachings of Jesus. These passages assume just authority, or at least authority that is not characterized by corruption, lawlessness and all other mischief.

If the U.S Federal Government is the authority and that authority demands that you enlist in its military and participate in murdering your fellow citizens that are of the wrong political or religious persuasion, I believe it is Biblically correct to disobey that authority. I am using an extreme (albeit not far fetched) example but I believe the same understanding is appropriate in less extreme examples, like paying taxes to a government that will use that money to do great evil in the world.