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i don't agree with that

"we the people relinquished control of the gov"
no,we didn't,it was stolen from we the people,by the very
ones who had the money and the time to put their hand picked
lackies in office
it was made a whole lot easier with the rise of the fed reserve
as this was created by the very ones who pick the ones we call
they have control of the banks,the resources,the land the fed gov,courts,and the media,and now they own and finance the police state
they install their own into office to do their will,and it is not our will they are upholding.
just how would anyone know what were lies and what is fact,when the lines even on that have been blurred?
people watch the news,have done so for years,do you think they know they are being lied to?
do you think that thought ever entered their minds?
or do you think,like some of used to,that the news is truthful,unbiased,
and is there as a free entity?
plus,they also hand pick who will seen on the news,and they also pick the outcomes of our supposedly free,honest and open elections

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.