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Thanks you both for the discussion

I almost commented before as, I too, work in O&G and have a favorable view of frac'ing... I would like to add that in instances where environmental problems have occurred it is primarily due to operators trying to cut corners to save drilling costs. An example would be re-completing an old well bore that has a poor/old cement job and/or crappy casing up-hole. Operators use frac'ing to open up tight/low permeable rocks so that the oil/gas can effectively flow into the well-bore. The reservoirs are typically at depths MUCH deeper than water reservoirs so contamination of the water is near impossible unless through leaking casing and/or cement.

As to the chemicals... go look at the name of the chemicals under your sink... these are much worse for the environment and used AT the surface (not at 5,000-10,000 ft below the surface)... not to mention frac fluids are composed primarily of water with small amounts of the chemicals mentioned on tv, gasland, etc..

On top of that... most oil reservoirs also produce water... This produced water or brine, is 'contaminated' by anyones standard whether the well was stimulated or not. Frac fluid is 'clean' relative to the fluid that was already there.

I would also like to add that the main concern i have with frac'ing is the amount of fresh water that is uses; especially in places where we are in a serious drought, like Texas. We need to start (as companies have been trying) to clean up the produced water I previously mentioned in order to use as frac water. Right now we are pumping CLEAN water from the surface with additives down the pipe to never be seen again... Well some of it will be recovered but 'properly' disposed of... You probably don't hear of the real concerns like this in the MSM though because that would make them acknowledge that frac water isn't so bad.

Thank you guys for the discussion and for not making it an argument... I know this is a topic where people on both sides are fairly stuck in their ways so it is good to see people come together with a real discussion.


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