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I work in Wyoming currently for an operator as an engineer. I used to work as a frac' engineer for a Major service company. I've pumped jobs in WY, ND and CO. You're spot on about everything you say.

It's interesting you bring up the fresh water use. I would agree. I know of several different operations, and used to work on one in Western Wyoming where recycled flow back water and produced water are being used. This radically changes the dynamics of the fluid system, but we are learning how to make it work. I just attended a conference where Halliburton presented a 100% food grade quality frac' fluid capable of transporting high proppant concentrations and compatible with most of their additives. We are getting better fast.

I would add to your list of things not to like about frac' road traffic. Those locations are usually in BFE and thus the dirt roads stir up quite a bit of particulate. But there's not much you can do about that- wind mills and solar panels are in BFE as well.

So do you work in the Eagleford, or midland, or one of the other prolific oil field in TX? Cheers.