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TY (((((((((((((((LL)))))))))))))))))))

Let us NEVER FORGET the brave people of Warsaw, who refused to go away peacefully, resisting armies, burning their apartments, burning their businesses, and fighting the troops with kitchen knives and straight razors, even their bare hands. It was they who changed the course of events, erasing ALL doubt about what was actually happening, a holocast that was so brazen, so huge, it came for the populations the size of Akron Ohio, Richmond Virginia, DesMoines Iowa, Tacoma Washington, Yonkers New York..

So many people have no idea, how callous, brutal, cold blooded, heartless the holocast was. I think those who deny the holocast are callous, brutal, cold blooded, heartless and ignorant. As if they could have survived.

It's very important that we as human beings NEVER FORGET what humans do to humans, and to stand against a holocast together NEVER AGAIN!!!