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I agree

He keeps quoting his supposed credentials but he never really answered her question of "WHY" did he write this book. "I am a scholar" or "I am educated" does not actually answer her question. And even when she goes on to another question HE is the one who continues to spout his "credentials". Then she later relays a similar question that was asked by someone else and he gives the same evasive answers. I see nothing wrong with the interview. So the question still remains "why" did he feel the need to write a book that sought to debunk the Scriptural account of the life of "Jesus".

I do find many problems with what he says in this interview like how "Jesus" was an insurrectionist who threatened the government and was arrested. This is totally false. He was only a threat to the religious establishment and it was the religious leaders who had him arrested. The governing authority sought to have him released and finally washed his hands of the whole affair. The guy is obviously a moron.

I would never read his book for two glaring reasons. One is the picture on the cover that looks nothing like the Hebrew Messiah but more like the common Greek rendition that most people hang on their walls. That's bad enough for someone who claims to be so knowledgeable but the fact that he uses the erroneous name Jesus proves that he is a fraud and has no knowledge of what he claims.

It is apparent that he didn't write the book to set the record straight so he must have written it to get a rise out of people. That is the reason he wrote the book.